Training of a limited nature is available before you join our club and the Academy of Model Aeronautics. This service is provided to enable you to make sure this hobby is for you. Please contact one of our trainers for more information.

Training with airplanes is accomplished with the use of a “buddy box”. A buddy box is nothing more than a second radio linked to your radio via a cable (some new radios have wireless connectivity). The instructor uses your radio while you use the “buddy box” radio. He has control of the plane, but by releasing a lever can transfer control of the plane to you.

The instructor will first inspect your airplane and radio gear to make sure it is airworthy and set up correctly. An approximate check of the COG (Center Of Gravity) will be performed, but it is up to you (using your owners manual for instructions) to check the COG before bringing your plane to the field. If needed he will then explain the controls of the airplane and the basic principles of flight (please read the  BRCC Ground School Manual).

When everything is ready, the instructor will perform the takeoff and fly your airplane to an altitude where it would be safe to give you control. You will get to fly your airplane at the high altitude. Any time you get into trouble the instructor can immediately gain control and return the airplane to a safe and level flight. When it is time to land, the instructor takes over. This process of instructor taking off and landing while you control the plane at high altitude will be repeated until your are comfortable with controlling the aircraft through a series of different maneuvers such as turns, loops, rolls, and flying inverted. At that point you will be ready to perform your first takeoff. The last step in training is the landing. Once you have mastered that, the instructor has you perform all facets of the flight while he stands ready to take control only in the event you get into trouble. Once you land, you are certified to fly your plane solo.

Just remember, takeoffs are optional, landings are mandatory!