Membership Renewal


Membership Renewal
Beaumont Radio Control Club
hereafter referred to as BRCC

AMA Affiliated

This form can be used to renew your membership in the Beaumont Radio Control Club. We are requiring you to update your emergency contact information and we of course need your name and email for processing your renewal. All other fields are optional. They are provided in case something has changed. 

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This form and the pay structure contained within is for renewals only. If you wish to join the BRCC, please use the New Membership Application form.

The amount listed includes an online convenience charge that is equal to the fee charged by PayPal per transaction.

Membership Dues:
Remaining dependent family members over the age of 17 and living with you.

I hereby agree to comply with the current AMA Safety Rules and the BRCC Field Rules as well as any future revisions thereof for all model aircraft operations. I understand that failure to comply with these safety rules will result in failure of liability coverage for any damages or claims so caused. I am aware that operation of radio controlled model aircraft may present hazards and I exempt and relive the BRCC from all liability for personal injury or wrongful death caused by my negligence. I understand that current membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics is a prerequisite to membership in the BRCC. I understand that membership in the BRCC entails an obligation to support club events and participate in work parties.