About Us

The Beaumont Radio Control Club is dedicated to promoting the sport of building and flying radio controlled aircraft in a safe and fun manner. Our members welcome new pilots with open arms and have been instrumental in aiding those new to the hobby increase their knowledge and enjoyment of Radio Controlled aviation.

Flying radio controlled aircraft is a hobby for all ages and incomes. It is one that can grow with your increasing skill level. You can start out with a basic trainer and as your skill increases, you can advance into many different areas. There are airplanes and helicopters of all sizes and powered by everything from electric motors to gas turbine jet engines. Their are even gliders that require no motor at all. You can choose to build your own aircraft or select from a wide collection of ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) or RTF (Ready To Fly) aircraft. Whatever you decide you will find a wealth of knowledge and help from our members.

We are a family oriented club and welcome all visitors to our field. While the field is available to members every day of the year, you are most likely to find members there on the weekends.

The club meets on the second Monday of each month except December. Location and time have, in the past, changed, so please see our Events Calendar page for details.

BRCC offers free training for those of you just starting out in the hobby as well as those of you who haven’t flown in many years and are interested in brushing up on your skills. For information on our training program, check out our “Learn to Fly” Page.

If you would like to join our club, we ask that you review the club rules, and then follow the instructions listed on our “Become a member” page.

Our Facilities
Our field is maintained by club members volunteering to make ours one of the best in the area.  Our runway is a a 340′ industrial mat laid over a base of a sand/clay mixture covered by ground ,reused concrete. There are starting tables for our glow-plug airplanes, safety fences, and work tables beneath a metal roof. Mounted on that roof are solar panels charging batteries that provide power to charge our radio and airplane batteries.
There is no alcohol allowed at our field and all safety rules will be enforced.

Community Involvement
Each year one of the three R/C clubs in the Golden Triangle hosts a Tots-for-Tots event where money and gifts are donated to help that great cause. While this is a 1-in-3 year event to host, every year is one to support and participate. BRCC is proud to be a part of this cause.

Another event we have held in the past was a halloween fun fly where children were invited to come and collect candy dispersed from a flying R/C airplane.

We have also supported other charitable causes such has Wounded Warriors.